3 Ways to Monitor Your Online Reputation

Ever Googled your name? In this brave new world where the internet is the primary resource for everything, your potential employers, partners, and even friends are checking you out online. Will they like what they see? Do you even know what they’ll see? Here are three effective ways to know what is being said about you online, so you can ensure a solid reputation precedes you.

1. Google your name… Yup, you knew it would be first. If you have never Googled your full name and variations of your name (maiden name, married name, with middle initial, with professional title), you need to start and now. The first couple pages identify you to people who don’t know you, and will help employers, partners, and friends make decisions about you-for better or worse. Make sure you do it on a regular basis-as information is added daily online.

2. Set Up Online Alerts… There are both free and paid versions of this reputation alert service, which monitor and scan for mention of your business’ brand or your name online. Depending on your level of reputation need, will determine how professional the online alert needs to be. One of the most basic is Google Alerts. You can set up multiple alerts through your Gmail account to regularly check for your name, variations of your name, and even your business. Alerts are conveniently sent to your inbox.

3. Be Social… If you don’t have a solid presence in social media, you need to-and not just to be social; you need it to know what is being said about you, potentially. For example, negative photos could be tagged with your name, without your consent, and be damaging your personal reputation online. Verbal attacks and rumors could be spreading on Facebook-and unless you are keeping an active eye on the most popular social media channels-think Facebook and Twitter.

These methods to monitoring your online reputation are a great start to knowing what is being said about you online; but remember, the online world is bigger than you think. You may need a professional online reputation company for a more comprehensive monitoring and suppression of negative online content about you, your family, or your business.

Reputation 911 can help-and has a variety of proven reputation management solutions to help with your negative online content. Remember, in a world run by online information, your online reputation is all you have. Take ownership of it; protect your reputation.

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